Counselling Christchurch NZ

Counselling Christchurch NZ

Counselling Christchurch NZ - Clement McGrath

Clement McGrath

I bring more than 30 year of coaching and mentoring experience to my work.

Clement McGrath is a life coach, therapist and mentor in Christchurch NZ. He offers life coaching, counselling, career coaching, EAP counselling and relationship counselling.

Coaching & therapy

Life coaching, counselling, career counselling, EAP counselling, couples therapy and online counselling.

Support for

Anger management, anxiety, grief, burnout, communication, self esteem, relationship issues, workplace stress.


$180 per session


Life Coach Christchurch
Clement McGrath
109 kerrs road
Christchurch, 8061, New Zealand

Contact Clement McGrath

For questions or booking an appointment, go to:


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