Counselling Hastings NZ

Counselling Hastings NZ

Counsellor Pat Alexander

Pat Alexander is a counsellor in Hastings and Napier, Hawke’s Bay, NZ. She offers individual counselling, EAP counselling and ACC counselling.

Pat is a member of ANZASW – Aotearoa New Zealand Association for Social Workers, member of DAPAANZ (Drug and Alcohol Practitioners’ Association Aotearoa–New Zealand) and is ACC registered.



Pat offers support for:

abuse, addiction, anxiety, burnout, grief, low self-esteem, trauma & ptsd, stress.

Her fee for a 1 hour session is: $110

Address and contact

Counselling Hastings NZ
Pat Alexander
215 Railway Rd
Hastings, 4122, New Zealand

For questions or booking an appointment, go to:


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